Conceptualizing of a healthy society from the perspective of the Holy Quran

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Social Science, Payame Noor University


The present article seeks to conceptualize the concepts of a healthy society and social health from the perspective of the Qur’an, using the documentary method and analysis of related theories and literature, and by analyzing 227 verses from 57 chapters of the Qur’an. Traces of these later sociological concepts can be seen in the dream of human well-being in the form of myths, philosophical and scientific theories. The necessity and importance of this study is explained according to its purpose and the limitations of the existing literature, as well as the human need for a society full of faith and trust. Dar al-Salam is a picture of perfect human life and the ideal example of a healthy society on the earth. This perfect life on the earth is based on the three elements of faithfulness to the covenant, justice and moderation, and good interactions. The revival of these three elements, on the one hand, weakens the violation of the rights of others, reduces betrayal, pessimism, lies, social harms and tensions between different groups and nations, and on the other hand, increases the personal satisfaction, strengthens security and welfare, social relations, trust, responsibility, predictability, hope, and prosperity at the national and international levels.


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