A Study and Review of the Components of "Modern Spirituality" in Iran.

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Faculty of Theology and Ahl Al-Bait Studies, University of Isfahan, Isfahan: Iran


The predominant pain of modern man is the distance from spirituality and the negligence of his origin. The material advances of life in the age of modernity have preoccupied him as if he had neglected his innate desire; ” God-seeking” , while man’s restless spirit and his thirst for spirituality will never be completely relieved by relying on worldly manifestations. As a result of modern human life and thought, the theory of spirituality has been proposed in the context of modernism and emphasis on the characteristics of modernity. The idea of “modern spirituality” is in fact an attempt to respond to the genuine need and emptiness of human existence in the present age, which seeks to provide a meaningful, moral and ethical approach at an all-encompassing and transcendental level by linking the Eastern heritage of the religious and Western traditions of rationality. The present article intends to examine this theory with a detailed plan based on the views of Professor Mostafa Malekian. To this end, while explaining what spirituality is, it explains the origins and historical context of modern spirituality and the causes and factors of the emergence of this emerging phenomenon. Finally, the most important features and components of modern spirituality are reviewed.


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